Darian Evergdin

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    Moving Cedar Falls Forward

    Cedar Falls is a great place to live, and keeping it great requires initiative, fresh thinking, and a willingness to be bold. I ran for city council in 2009 promising those attributes and since that time, have absorbed countless experiences that have honed my perspective, leadership style, and effectiveness.  For 8 years and one year of appointed serviced, I had the privilege and honor of serving 40,000 citizens and our community. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity. I am proud of our accomplishments and an excited for what the future holds.

    The unabridged version of goodbye: Farewell!

    My goals for our future leaders:

    • Minimize taxes - pursue operational excellence in all city departments
    • Strengthen infrastructure - make thoughtful investments to support growth - complete streets, regionalized wastewater treatment
    • Advocate for CF's next signature project - the Cedar River Experience
    • Promote good policy - zoning update, public-private-intergovernmental partnerships, open/transparent/responsive government


    My recent blog posts:

I'm a nerd who is quite passionate about science, STEM, and engaging people within STEM. I'm a Physics Major and enjoy it! Feel free to send any questions my way!