Morgan Eitter

  • Your community should look at other ways of generating more revenue than trying to save a buck. When you get down to it the only true benefit of the program is an attempt to save money. I get what you are trying to do, but it clearly is not working. I suggest using communities that run their own ambulance services as blue prints. Those communities have Firefighter/paramedics on their ALS rigs. Say if you run 2 ambulances at all times. That is 4 more firefighters on duty. Those personnel costs are more than offset by the revenue generated by the rigs. Also those personnel can be counted and covered by Nfpa 1710. Please do not let your council dig their heals in on this topic. Although you might think your public safety officials are looking out for your citizens, in this instance they are gambling that they don’t have an emergency event that they can’t handle. It is only a matter of time before they are proved deadly wrong. Don’t let tragedy dictate your response act NOW!