4-Year Goals

What do we want to accomplish in the next four years?



  • Minimize taxes & keep debt low - pursue operational excellence in all city departments
  • Strengthen infrastructure - make thoughtful investments to support growth - complete streets, regionalized wastewater treatment
  • Advocate for CF's next signature quality of life project - the Cedar River Experience
  • Promote good policy - zoning update, public-private-intergovernmental partnerships, sustainability, open/transparent/responsive government


That's my punch list, but of course it goes far beyond bullet points. I hear a lot of 'I wants' in my community conversations. 'I want our city to be proud and forward-looking. I want to keep taxes low, provide highest level services high, and invest in our future. I want to resolve the vexing public safety dispute, I want to address little thorns too like fast streets and plugged storm drains. I want all neighborhoods to be vibrant centers for safe, social interaction. I want to support growth in our University, commercial districts, business base and residential living options. I want to maintain our small-town, University character and outstanding quality of life.' That's a lot of 'I wants', and there are more. I am totally committed to serving a shared vision for our future, I promise to put all my energy into realizing our potential. On day one, I will hit the ground running... knowing the Mayor and Council, staff, and city process, I am ready to hit the ground running on January 1st, 2020.

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