Council Platform

Cedar Falls is a great place to live, and keeping it great requires initiative, fresh thinking, and a willingness to be bold. I bring unique perspective, bountiful energy, and careful leadership to Cedar Falls City Council. These are specific areas I'm working on...

  • Great streets - accommodating, safe, efficient, beautiful, vibrant streets
  • Super-efficient government
  • Government transparency
  • Inter-governmental cooperation
  • Sustainable operations and infrastructure investment
  • North Cedar renewal
  • College Hill vibrancy
  • Expanded recreation opportunities
  • Public-Private-Partnerships
  • Expand downtown and infill development
  • Foster entrepreneurship and economic development
  • Enhance UNI student/citizen experiences
  • Advocate for lower taxes - local property, state income, corporate income taxes
  • Champion for state legislative reform to restore Home Rule to Iowa cities

Effective & Efficient Government

  • Incorporate greater public input on major spending and capital projects
  • Seek net tax decrease through process improvement and spending prioritization
  • Leverage state, school, and University partnerships

Economic Development


  • Expand industrial park assets
  • Promote quality job growth
  • Revitalize urban commercial core and promote downtown
  • Create an environment that fosters entrepreneurship, business attraction and expansion

Quality of Life

  • Support 'Complete Streets' and 'Smart Growth'
  • Advocate corridor and street improvements
  • Promote parks, recreation, trails, and river assets
  • Support cultural and educational programs