Iowa Competitiveness Initiative

I offer a platform for our current and aspiring legislators below, I call it the Iowa Competitiveness Initiative. WeSEAL_IOWA.png are competing for people, talent and capital with other states, I hope this stimulates good thinking. This platform is compatible with millennial views, but its value crosses all generations and people who want to embrace a stronger economy, better education, civil liberties and good government. With Iowa values, ethics and ingenuity, anything is possible. I would love to hear your thoughts.



Economic Prosperity

  • Implement Tax Reform –flat tax, low corporate tax, property tax equity.  
    • Flatten income tax, eliminate loopholes
    • Eliminate Corporate taxation
    • Shift to consumption taxes
  • Rationalize regulations, maintain right-to-work, foster entrepreneurship, end crony capitalism
  • Invest in prudent public infrastructure to move people, products and information


World-Class Education

  • Encourage school choice, fund the student
  • Return curriculum and programming control to local levels that encourages innovation, leadership, merit pay and fiscal accountability
  • Re-balance funding for Regent institutions - commit to making UNI the preeminent PK-12 institution for teacher training in US.


Civil Liberties

  • Preserve, expand and celebrate individual liberty and rights, defend the constitution.
  • End the war on drugs, implement sensible solutions for decriminalization
  • Stop legislating morality - embrace inclusiveness, choice and social tolerance


Effective Governance

  • Properly fund justice department, implement tort reform
  • Right-size state spending, drive efficiencies
    • Reduce number of counties, eliminate non-essential programs, institute cost-benefit measures for program justification)
  • Strategic regional investments, proven QoL investments
  • Environment – institute environmental policies protecting shared resources (water, air, and soil
    • Make polluters pay a lot
  • Restore home rule doctrine for all political subdivisions (local versus state control) for labor management, budgets, pensions, intergovernmental cooperation

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