Kelvin Schuchart

  • Good information. Are the Planning and Zoning minutes posted on-line? I like your attitude about a “master plan” for zoning and the constant request for variance. If the CF School District needed 80A. of land to build a school facility where would they find it? Hudson? (South side of H. 20) It seems there is a race to fill in all of the land with stand-alone big box stores, apartment boxes, and “little boxes” (from the Malvina Reynold’s song in 1962)
    Personnel committee thoughts. A long time ago I served on the Civil Service Commission for CF – basically working with Police and Fire members. I think I was nominated by the “old boy” network. There really should be a small group who interview/reflect on the purpose, etc of the various boards, get a sense of the person, and pass along recommendations to the council. I don’t recall ever meeting with Council members in three years. No requested feedback or even casual discussion of what we were doing and we were working with a contested termination.