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  • Bravo for the overpass at the intersection of viking and hwy 58. will this structure be more or less costly than the ‘mayors’ bridge’? GIS is totally new to me. it sounds logical; also it made me think of 3D printing. many thanks for your continuing efforts to ensure openness in city government, making data for all aspects of city business available to all citizens.
    one small quibble: i dislike your using the word ‘stupidity’ in reference to state government. although i agree that our state government does stupid (and often harmful) things, i believe that such labels have no place in civil discourse.

  • Cheers for prairie conversion! This is a win-win for both lowering city expenses and improving our environment. Conversion can also serve as a visual catalyst to stimulate thought and discussion of our environmental policies.

    In general, cooperation between the two city councils seems healthier than going it alone or competing. Cooperation is working in your examples. I don’t know enough about the other possible areas you mention to understand how they might work. Looking at possibilities, discussing them is worthwhile. Change is constant; we need to look at options rather than simply dismiss them.

    My groceries, my clothing, my auto, my tickets for entertainment — all cost more than they did a year ago. Why wouldn’t golf fees also cost more? Surely subsidizing public transportation helps more people in many more valuable ways than subsidizing low golf fees.

Mac Eblen
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