Nick's Council Connection (8 July 2013)

Council Meeting Date: July 8, 20135thandBluff.GIF

Council Meeting Location: City Hall, 220 Clay St, Cedar Falls, IA 50613

The Sturgis Falls Celebration is an extraordinary event connecting people with food, entertainment, activities and responsible libations.  Sturgis was followed by a wonderful July 4th. We have a celebration of city and country, now we need to work in a party for Iowa statehood (December 28, 1946 - but I suggest a harvest party). 

This our meeting ....

- Committee of the Whole (5:30pm-7:00pm, Mayor's Conference Room)-

We cover the Fire Department's Annual Report, a revisit of the Complete Streets Resolution, Rental Housing, Event Liability and Bills and Payroll. Only the Complete Streets and Bills & Payroll items had accompanying reports making the other points listening items.

Council tabled the issue of the Complete Streets Policy update. The proposal improves upon the city's 2009 resolution by being more explicit in certain areas. Mainly, it recommends expanding (or in our case, maintaining) complete street measurements such as traffic counts. Every measure is collected today from at least one government entity, this approach merges the metrics into a more holistic picture.  It won't increase costs, but assures that we are applying best practices to design and build the most accommodating, functioning and feasible transportation system for Cedar Falls.  Transportation goes beyond building motor vehicle lanes.  A complete transportation system is one that accommodates movement choice, safety, efficiency (speed) and corridor vitality.  The resolution will also be on the official meeting agenda as item G.2.N

 -Regular Council Meeting (7:00pm, Council Chamber)-

In Special Order of Business

Every few months the city declares certains properties as nuisance properties.  In this week's agenda, we set four hearings on subject properties. This is a formal action step in the condemnation process and not to be taken lightly. Since this is a judicial matter, I must reserve comment while we are in fact collecting mode.

In New Business

G.2.I) We accept low bid from K Cunningham Construction Company for West Viking Road expansion at $1.4MM.

G.2.O) We review the 10-unit site plan for 5th and Bluff street which falls in the central business overlay. This has interesting architectural features, but the prevalence of vinyl seems out of character in the overlay. What do you think?


We also adjourn to Executive Session to discuss Property Acquisition.

-Nick's Briefs-

I will not be able to attend the meeting in person. I make every effort to control my family and work schedule(s) around city meetings. However, in the world of business, sometimes the circumstances overrule. This is one of those cases!  I will still participate via phone and web.

On my rides and runs...

The move to Gateway proves wise.  While Island and Tourist Parks were inundated with water, Gateway was high and dry on Wednesday.


Seeing light at the end of the Greenhill Underpass.


Progress on the Hill commercial district.  


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