Ramy Abu-Yousef

  • Nick, I’m genuinely proud to know you, and to see everything you’ve done. In a time when apathy is at an all time high, everybody complains and nobody tries to do anything, you stood up and threw your hat in the ring. I truly believe that even with a loss under your belt, you should pick yourself up and keep trying until it works, as long as the next time you get 2310 votes, you should keep persevering and continuing to do your part to make a difference. Spend the next two years fundraising, clarifying your positions, refining your strategy and try again!! There are now 2310 people counting on you and that number will grow exponentially! Remember Obama’s first run at the House of Representatives resulted in a sound defeat to incumbent Bobby Rush, Bernie Sanders ran unsuccessful third-party campaigns for governor and U.S. senator in the early to mid-1970s before being elected mayor of Burlington in 1981, keep in mind Sanders ran as a Democrat for President as a strategic maneuver even though he is anything but. Wear this defeat proudly Nick, and attack tomorrow with a new zeal!!