Steve Jensen

  • Not everyone puts their garbage container out every week so by the 2nd or 3rd week, they could have a full cart. Forcing ANYONE to push or pull a heavy cart or even a light cart across the street, in snow and ice and get it up on the opposing curb, to save a few bucks, is ridiculous. No one has mentioned what you do about the curb/parking covered in packed snow from a snowplow. Why not get rid of the garbage trucks entirely (to save a lot more bucks) and force people to take their bags of garbage down to the transfer station? Or better yet, why not force the residents to take their garbage bags out to the dump themselves? Look how much more money the city could save by firing the garbage truck drivers since there would no longer be a need for garbage trucks!

    I love the choice of words of “decriminalize” a law rather than “legalizing” drugs. Once you fail to enforce a law against a crime, you are starting a downhill slide which can eventually destroy a society. Alcohol is a “legal” drug and it has destroyed many, many, many lives and Mr. Taiber & others would be happy to make it worse by “decriminalizing”/ legalizing another nasty drug.