Matt Miller

  • Your a brave soul Nick. I applaud your efforts and stand with a reasonable policy that supports personal choice and limits incarceration for non-violent offenses. Fear makes this city ugly. Just 2.5x is not OK, regardless if policy is the cause or outcome. In addition, goal setting seems like my daughters with post-it notes on my fridge. Change is necessary. And absolute. Keep up the good fight.

  • As a friend has always said, “With discipline and hard work, we can do hard things.” Congrats, Nick.

  • Nick-

    Thanks for the insights. Two questions.
    1) Refuse rates. Has the city considered CNG (compressed natural gas) as future fuel source for city vehicles? Substantial growth in TX and OK appear to lead the national trend. I believe DM has a single fueling station. Future savings appear to be substantial, along with reduced carbon emissions.
    2) In the Sunday edition of WCF Courier (5.12.13), a public hearing is planned for Monday’s council meeting on a recreational trail along Union Road. It states “Up to $272,000 of the estimated $368,856 cost wil be funded by IDOT’s Transportation Alternatives Program.” I’m all for more trails. But where does the $96,856 balance the city coughs up come from?
    The general fund? Perhaps its more complicated.
    As one of the most fiscally responsible city council members, in my humble opinion, I know you’ll continue to vote with fiscal restraint. Considering the council spent $90,000+ on engineering plans for “Main Street” designs in Northern Cedar Falls and five years later hasn’t put implementation into the budget, but continues to spend on other public improvement projects, I hope a discussion ensues on what we say we’re going to do to develop and support this city’s “culture” while remaining fiscally responsible, and what actually happens. We’re only as strong as our weakest link.
    Thanks for your desire to change and improve this city.